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SafeCheck is a Non-Profit organization created to help every business get FDA registered for free, giving you access to our database of FDA approved vendors.

We will help you make your customers and distributors feel secure. We ensure our high levels of quality and safety by partnering with the most important entities in the industry
About Us
FDA registration is mandatory for any business that manufactures, processes, or handles any type of food, beverage, or dietary supplement for consumption in the United States.
Free U.S. Food & Beverage FDA Registration
Get Free FDA Registration for the following categories:
Human consumption products
Alcoholic Beverages
Baby Food products
Bakery products
Cereal preparations
Cheese and Cheese products
Cocoa Products
Coffee and Tea
Dietary Foods
Dietary Supplements
Fishery / Seafood Products
Meat and Poultry
Nut and Edible Seed products
Shell Egg and Egg products
Soft Drinks and Waters
Animal consumption products
• Alfalfa products
• Amino Acids
• Botanicals and Herbs
• Brewer products
• Chemical preservatives
• Citrus products
• Direct Fed Microbials
• Distillery products
• Enzymes
• Fats or Oils
• Fermentation products
• Forage products
• Grain products
• Marine products
• Mineral products
• Pet food
• Processed animal waste
• Other
We can provide immediate assistance for the Foreign Supplier Verification Program, the US food safety law concerning food and beverage produce being imported into the United States.
Food Safety & FSMA
We will help you comply with all aspects of Food Safety Plans and Certifications. From HACCP Plan and GMP to GFSI benchmarked certification like SQF, IFS, BRCGS or FSSC2200.
Our team of experts in food safety has more than 20 years of experience in the sector and will provide you with the necessary assistance to comply with FDA requirements free of charge.
FDA Registration
FDA Compliance Solutions
We assist and support our clients to comply with any FDA requirements fast and successfully
Get your business FDA registered for Free
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Immediate Online Assistance
Our customer success agents are always ready to answer your questions instantly. You get in touch with one of our FDA experts in just one click.
Free U.S. Food & Beverage FDA Registration
Our Non-Profit organization will help you submit all the forms needed for FDA registration free of charge. Yes, registrations is absolutely free. You only need to pay if additional services are needed.
Food Safety Plans and Programs
We have access to the largest network of Food Safety Compliance services that will help you guarantee the approval of HACCP Plans, Foreign Supplier Verification Programs, HARPC, and every GFSI benchmarked certification.
FDA Compliance
We assist all food manufacturer, importers, exporters, wholesalers and retailers to comply with every aspect of FDA requirements, even with prior notice services and, detention assistance for free.
We are a nonprofit organization
We want to help the food industry grow
We believe that food safety really matters
Why Free FDA Registration?
We truly believe that any business should access FDA's approval to grow their business at no cost.
Our mission is to strengthen the food safety culture and support in carrying out and exceeding the regulations established by the FDA
By helping in creating and environment of products at lower prices, as well as making available a larger variety of choices for consumers
We are the leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients. We like what we do. We like to make people happy.
Meet Our Leaders
A humanitarian approach for FDA Compliance sprea
Ronald Wigington
Co-Founder & FDA Consultant
15+ years of experience as a Food Safety Consultant and now his main focus is to help foreign companies become FDA Compliant
Jennifer Medina
Co-Founder & Food Safety Expert
Over 10 years of experience assessing international food manufacturers and processors. She is in charge of supervising FDA Compliance
Gerald O. Wilson
FDA & FSVP Specialist
More than 5 years working as a U.S. FDA Agent helping companies with their registration process and FSVP
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