GoHACCP is the leading expert company for HACCP compliance. We helped thousands of businesses write HACCP plans, establish HACCP, train their personnel and pass HACCP certification or audit.

GoHACCP writes customs HACCP plans faster and cheaper than any competition and we don't stop helping you after you pass an audit. Our software will help you to stay compliant for years, managing all aspects of food safety.
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HACCP for Restaurants
GFSI\SQF certification
GoHACCP has the strongest team of food safety experts in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Australia. We provide services in all major certifications - HACCP, GFSI\SQF, ISO\FSSC 22000, ISO 28000 plus provide regional guidance for FDA certification, BRC, and GMP.

We are built for speed, helping companies to prepare for an audit in the fastest way possible. Our software allows us to start collecting data needed for audit before your plan is ready, so you can get your certification much faster.

We will support you all the way, not only till you will pass your audit, but later - keeping your records, adapting your food safety plan, and adding new regulations and we will be with you if you need to make a recall.
Get free 2 hours consultation on any questions you have, we are here to help you.
  • We are fast
    4 weeks less usually needed
    for GFSI certification with GoHACCP
  • We are an affordable
    25% more affordable
    HACCP plans vs competition
GoHACCP has more than 1000 projects of HACCP implementation in different sizes of organizations - from small restaurants to multi-state factories. Implementation of your HACCP plan is extremely important to pass an audit and we know how to do it efficiently. HACCP is challenging and every implementation is different.

Starting from HACCP training for your personnel to software that keeps all your records, GoHACCP has an outstanding approach with a 100% success rate.

Super Export
GOHACCP can play a role of QA assurance manager in your organisations.

Daily our expert will monitor your production, help ou to make right decisions, and do everything connected to food safety and certification.

Need to teach your staff in a way you like? We will do it for you.
We do client bases custom trainings.
Pie Hole - Bakery
We have been working with many consultant companies in food safety. Gohaccp is only one who was able to cover all our bakeries in all states, prodicding custom based HACCP plans for each bakery. They realy care about each case of recalls, helping us to make it.
Go Oats - Oatmeal Products
Gohaccp is our second QA manager wich helps us to solve the most difficult problems we have - training and software. Our it system has no support of food safety procedures and we would not be able to to recalls if we would not have acces to Gohaccp system.
Dorsey - Bar Beef
Our restaurant is in NY and we are making steaks and vacuum package them. Our department is very sticts on it, so we need a help of Gjhaccp to create a haccp plan wich will be approved. And we are happy that they make a haccp plan wich was immediately approved.
Food Safety Consultant
Food Safety Consutlant
Benjamin Côte
Jennifer Medina
Ronald Wigington
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More than 20 years of experience working with Food Safety with an extensive knowledge of 3rd party audits, HACCP, GMP, FDA, USDA.
Experience with Food Safety Program implementation since 2003, focused on SQF, BRCGS, FSSC 22000, Global G.A.P., Primus GFS and other GFSI Schemes
Experience with leading and managing QA teams with an oversight in operations at +22 facilities simultaneously for over 12 years.
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